District Wide Broadcast Message

Welcome to Woodrow Wilson Elementary School!

We will 
 Prepare, Empower, and Inspire 
 our students!

Please come to our Honor roll assembly 12/14/17Top of Page

Play Unified's Pajama Prom!Top of Page

The Play Unified Leadership Council is celebrating acceptance, being courageous, and being different by wearing pajamas to school! The Play Unified club members were able to wear pajamas to school due to their Pajama Prom later that evening. The Prom was held at the Teen Center and was only open to the club. It was a judge free zone where everyone was able to have fun and celebrate their differences.

Parcc Family night was educational fun for all!Top of Page


Woodrow Wilson is featured on Character.orgTop of Page

Last week, Woodrow Wilson received national exposure when it was featured on the Character.org Facebook page.  The Washington D.C. organization, whose facebook page is followed by thousands of educators, parents, and educational researchers, highlighted the great strides Woodrow is making towards becoming a "School of Character".
You can find the page, like the post, and learn more about the organization here.