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Welcome to Woodrow Wilson Elementary School!

We will
 Prepare, Empower, and Inspire 
 our students!

Memorial Day paradeTop of Page

Flyer describing Memorial Day parade on 5/27/19 at 11 am

The Battle of the Books Champions Crowned!Top of Page

3rd Grade Battle of the Books champions
4th grade Battle of the Books Champions
5th grade Battle of the Books champions

Only 14 Days until our WW ambassadors embark on their trip to Hungary!Top of Page

Sliced fruit = eaten fruit!Top of Page

Did you know that a study by Cornell University showed that kids are up to 60% more likely to eat fruit if it is served to them sliced up? We do!  To help our younger students benefit from these nutritional snacks, many of our 8th grade students volunteer each morning to make this possible.
Students chop fruit for younger students' lunches
Students chop fruit for younger students' lunches

Track your child's school performance with OnCourse Connect!Top of Page

Parents, did you know you can see your child's grades, attendance,schedule, and more by using our new OnCourse Connect?  To begin using this application, please follow the directions found in our OnCourse Connect Parent Portal Resource Guide. 
Absences add up! Missing just 2 days a month will result in missing 10% of the school year. Faltar solo 2 días al mes significa que un niño pierde más del 10% de  todo el año escolar.

Pre-K Students learn about fire safetyTop of Page

Members of New Brunswick
On Friday, October 26th our Pre-K students were visited by members of the New Brunswick Fire Department.