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We will 
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 our students!

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8th Grade Students get a preview of High School LifeTop of Page

On March 16th our 8th grade boys and girls got to meet with many students, teachers, administrators, coaches, and advisers from New Brunswick High school for a question and answer session about life at New Brunswick High school.  Students got to ask any questions they had regarding academic life, extracurricular activities, challenges, opportunities, and expectations that they will experience a few short months from now.  
A special Thank You to Mr. Redler, the Principal of the High School, Mr. Lowery, New Brunswick Athletic Director, Mr. Louka, Supervisor of Physical Education, and everyone else who gave their time to help PREPARE our 8th grade students for their next educational step. 
For more photos from this event see our What's Happening at Woodrow page.

Woodrow Honors our 2nd marking period Exceptional EaglesTop of Page

On March 9th we presented the Exceptional Eagle Character Awards to 6 Middle School students who exemplify the characteristics that make them special.  These characteristics include:  Caring, Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Citizenship, and Teamwork.

Woodrow Students Engineer a Victory!Top of Page

On Friday, January 27th, 8th grade students from Woodrow Wilson joined others from New Brunswick to compete at Franklin Middle School in the annual RIME bridge building competition.  We are proud to report that Woodrow's Christian Reyes won the competition and led New Brunswick to a team championship as well!
For pictures from this event, check out our What's happening at Woodrow page!

Teacher of the YearTop of Page

The Teacher of the Year for the 2016-2017 school year is Ms. Beth Maratea.  Ms. Maratea was awarded this title by being elected by her fellow educators.  An exceptional teacher who also contributes a great deal to nearly every event held at Woodrow Wilson, she constantly gives her best to her students, her colleagues, and the families of Woodrow Wilson school.  We are proud to acknowledge her efforts by awarding her this honor.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up informationTop of Page

Important Reminders Regarding Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


November 29, 2016


Dear Woodrow Wilson Parents and Guardians:

Thank you very much to all parents who have respected our morning drop-off procedures!  You have helped us maintain a safe, orderly process.  Please see the important reminders below:


  • Please drop off all students arriving by car in the semi-circular drive only.
  • Please drop students off by 8:40 AM so that they can line up with their classes in time for their teachers to lead them safely to class at 8:50 AM.  Students arriving after 8:50 AM will miss being in line for their teachers and will have to sign in and wait to be escorted to class by available personnel. 
  • Please drop off your Pre-K student at the rear entrance which is located outside the Music room.  This will serve as the dismissal location as well.


  • Please do not pull into the parking lot during arrival and dismissal time.
  • Please do not attempt to turn your car around in the street under any circumstances.


If you wish to park your car during arrival or dismissal periods, please remember to arrive early enough to find suitable, legal parking on neighborhood streets.  It is illegal to park in spots designed as handicapped parking.

Please work together with us to keep all Woodrow Wilson School students safe! Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


William J. Smith, Principal

2nd Marking Period Exceptional EaglesTop of Page