Dana Menichelli - Math Teacher
Victoria Zechman - In CLass Support Math Teacher 
Victoria Capozzalo - Math Specialist
Jessica Sudah - Science Teacher
Howard (Jovan) Boykin - English Language Arts Teacher
Eric Patterson - English Language Arts Teacher
David Holmes - Social Studies Teacher
Mariellen Chasen - Paraprofessional
Sara Noboa - Paraprofessional
Jessica La Luz - Paraprofessional
Laura Moyer - Science/Social Studies In-class support Teacher
Meleqe Krivca - Math Teacher
Annamaria Papp - English Language Arts In-class support/replacement Teacher
Brittany Hall - SE (7 and 8)
Brielle Buttacovoli - SE (6 and 7) 
Daralyn Greenberg - 1-1 6th Grade 
Dorrian Schenck - 1-1 7th Grade 
Erin Sooy - SE Paraprofessional
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(for example: William_Smith@nbpsnj.net)